Wedding trends have changed over the years. Couples are choosing many different options for their wedding ceremony.  Some are still choosing a chapel or a church however the ceremonies tend to be shorter. Many couples have opted for an outdoor style ceremony or even eloping by helicopter to a mountain top to say their I do’s.  Therefore these days couples have the freedom to create the Wedding Day of their dreams and it can be however unique or traditional as they like. I have listed what I believe to be some of the 10 top tips for perfect wedding planning at the bottom on the page.


Candice and her bridesmaids got ready right next door to Twin Waters Golf club at Magnolia Lane apartments. Mitch and Candice had a few traditional parts to their Wedding Day but they definitely created the Wedding day they wanted.  They chose an outdoor ceremony at Twin Waters Golf Club.  They wrote personalised vows for each other which made it even more special.  One traditional thing Candice wanted for her Wedding was a long Wedding train. It looked elegantly stunning as her twin sister Jess helped lay it out perfectly to get some stunning photos of Candice.

Candice and Mitch chose to include a creative sparkler session as part of their Wedding photo package.  It can be worth taking 15mins out from your reception for some creative sparkler or night photos.  I usually recommend doing this earlier in the night before the partying begins. Timing is everything on your Wedding Day and being flexible with what ever happens is very important also.  I usually recommend to my couples to have a timetable to allow time to ensure they have the best lighting for their photos.  I suggest always allowing a little longer then you think you will need just in case. Often the bride arrives to the ceremony fashionably late so if timing is tight it can make it a little stressful.

Please note these comments are only suggestions for tips that may help brides and grooms plan their day.  They may not apply to everyone.  Happy Planning!


  • ATTITUDE/PLANNING/ORGANISATION: Be Organised, be flexible as things can change that are out of your control. Write a Timetable/ have a great MC to help the night run smoothly.
  • A PLAN B OPTION: Have a Wet Weather Back up plan and umbrellas (Murphy’s law)  Always have a plan B option.  Embrace the weather as you can’t control it and with an experienced Photographer your photos will be awesome in any conditions.
  • LISTS: Write lots of lists, Have a list for family photos and have someone help organize people who knows them.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Take 15 mins out from your night to have some creative photos at night with your Photographer. Like star photos or sparkler photos. Those magical moments.
  • TRADITIONS: Don’t listen to Wedding trends and traditions unless you want them. Don’t try to please everyone else, its your wedding day.
  • RESEARCH VENDORS: Get to know your Photographer/Videographer before the Wedding Day helps you be more relaxed on the day. Research all your Wedding vendors before booking them and don’t just go for the cheapest option.
  • TRAVEL/TIME:  Try to keep travel time between venues to a minimum if possible.  This will often help reduce stress and avoid running late to the ceremony.  Consider factors like traffic etc.
  • PERSONAL DETAILS: Make the little details personal for you and the groom your wedding is all about the two of you, so try to incorporate as much of your personalities into the day as you can. From the stationary and favours to the outfits and first dance, guests should say ‘that’s so them!’ Plan a Wedding Dance or an entrance to make it fun, could have guests with sparklers for an outdoor Wedding.
  • DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT: Photo Cannons for the ceremony can be fun and impressive way to have petals during your ceremony.
  • BE IN THE MOMENT & ENJOY: Every minute as it goes by so fast. Wedding planning can be stressful but if you find yourself getting too caught up in it all, take a step back and remind yourself what your wedding is really about – you marrying the love of your life!

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