Jenna + George  02.10.2015

Far away from the city and just keep driving until you reach a place where the stars shine bright.  This was the place where I travelled to a few weeks ago to capture some very special moments on film for this lovely couple on their Wedding day.  Jenna and George had wanted to elope and were not interested in having a huge Wedding.  They settled on something that was more to their taste buds and where their family and friends would feel right at home.  What better place then the property which has been in the Folker family for many many years and the name of the road is now Folker also and even their cute red mail box says Folker on it.  Jenna’s grandma still lives on the property and offered to do all the catering for the day.  The Wedding was organised in only 3 weeks and with the kindest and generosity of their family and friends they were able to make it everything they had dreamed of.  The couple being in to “Old stuff” as Jenna’s dad touched on his speech, they had collected many antique and vintage items such as old suitcases, an old telephone and typewriter, an old Vintage Holden car and a beautiful purple/pink french chaise which they borrowed and it made for the perfect photobooth prop with even an old Kodak box brownie setup.  It was just the perfect setting to make a country vintage film in.  With a little help moving some props around their was little if any set design work that needed to be done.  The hay bail placement not only made for a good show but helped to make for some good photography and film moments and made Kylie the Photographers country hay bail shot come true too.  It sure does compliment the whole country vintage film vibe and also the great timing of the aeroplane that flew past right on sunset almost as if on que.

It was a wonderful day with Jenna’s dream coming true as they had their Wedding ceremony up at the old dead tree on the hill which is where she and her sisters and cousin’s used to play and then the reception was down in the old shed which was very fitting for the vintage theme.

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