JACQUI + RODNEY 17.10.2015

They make such a cute couple these two.  Jacqui and Rodney’s Wedding day, was a day filled with joyful emotions.  I drove down to Ocean Shores in NSW to capture some special moments on film at their lovely beach wedding.

Jacqui was an absolutely beautiful beach bride.  She was walked down the isle arm in arm by both her parents to the eagerly awaiting hubby to be Rodney.  It was a beautiful sunny ceremony and their was so much love as the couple shared their personally written vows to each other.  A few of their close friends made some lovely readings.  Even one of their friends played a beautiful song as Jacqui walked along the sand and down the isle.

I filmed moments from their fun location photo shoot on the beach just near the ceremony and then they got back into the awesome red hummer and went to the Ocean Shores Golf Club for some sunset photo time and the reception.

The evening was filled with fun and excitement.  Starting off with the MC singing “Fever” to the bride and groom. A few great speeches were made and some great advice from Rodney’s mum “Just love completely and without reserve, do that and you will be blessed with the happiness you deserve”.

Then the Bride and Groom had their 1st dance together as Mr and Mrs which they created their own dance steps too which was awesome.  Some excitement with the bouquet toss and garter toss and then the band continued on late into the night.

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