Esau + Roine were married on the 29.08.2015 in Sydney.

It was a day of traditional Samoan celebrations and a day filled with love, fun, laughter and partying.  They celebrated with lots of their family and friends.  The main ceremony was held at St Francis Xaviers Church in Arncliffe.  A beautiful ceremony with some Samoan traditions spoken in both Samoan and English.  Songs were sang and a few speakers also.  Roine and her bridesmaids arrived in a limo and Roine walked down the isle arm in arm with both her parents.  She looked absolutely stunning in her gown from Sweethearts with her gorgeous lace sleeves.  After the two exchanged their vows and rings they went have some photographs and video taken around Sydney while the family continued with more Samoan traditional celebrations.  Gifts were passed between the families to demonstrate their unity, respect and equality

The reception was held at the Emporium Function Centre in Bankstown with seven performances with some traditional Samoan dancing and a few speeches were made.  Before any of the guests eat the bride honors them with traditional dance.

The cake is an important part of the reception as it is the centerpiece of a Traditional Samoan Wedding and Roine and Esau cake was spectacular and made of many parts.

The Samoan culture is all about friendship and family and a Wedding is a great way to bring everyone close to you together to celebrate, which is why a Samoan Wedding is a truly big deal!


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