1 Month ago today Billie-mae & Recee were married!  They had a beautiful rustic boho wedding theme, set at the end of a dirt road at the Silk Pavilions near Mt Warning.  The weather was warm and sunny.  Billie-mae and her brides maids looked stunning with their hair and makeup by Tanya Bolt from covenant hair.  Billie-mae dressed in a gorgeous lace boho dress with a glimmering headpiece.

A perfect day and they even had a 1960’s style Kombi to drive up a huge hill to a fig tree for their photo and video shoot.  It was such a wonderful day to be apart of and what a fantastic venue for a Wedding!  I seem to always find good things are at the end of a dirt road.  “The road less Travelled”.

The style of the edit of this film uses filters to create a vintage film like look which really was the mood of the Wedding.

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